What is Vamoos?

Vamoos is an application which displays your clients' information on their iPhone, iPad or Android device. It is used by holiday companies, hotels, hospitality and conference companies planning trips and events.

How much does Vamoos Cost?

It depends on how many people you enable Vamoos for each year and the type of application. For our average travel customers it is around £1 per passenger per year, and for event companies around £10 per delegate.

Can I enable Vamoos for only some of my clients?

No, it's all or nothing.

How do I stop my Vamoos Plan?

You can give us 3 months' notice to stop your plan, and we'll refund the difference between that month and the end of your yearly plan.

I have several brands - can I group them all together?

No, you have to have a separate account for each brand.

How do I upload my client documents?

Click on "Register" and set up an account. It's all self-explanatory from there. Our target is that once you are set up a typical “Vamoos” should take no more than a few minutes to set up.

How do my users get the right information in the Vamoos Apps?

We use a unique reference for each Vamoos, which is a combination of your company code and a unique reference you assign. They are asked to input that code when first opening the application.

Do my users have to be connected to a mobile network or WIFI to view their itineraries?

No. We've worked very hard to ensure that once they have initially downloaded their information it is available in the application even when they are not able to access a local mobile network or WIFI.

What languages does Vamoos support?

Only English for now, but we have plans to support other languages in the future.

How do I know what's coming next?

Once you become a Vamoos Customer, we'll let you know what our plans are for the future and of course we greatly welcome ideas and feedback as to what features you would like to prioritise.